Frequently Asked Questions


Marine & General Surveillance Ltd Section

Does Marine General Serveillance Ltd represent any external entities outside of Mauritius?
We are the Survey Agents for Mediterranean Shipping Co (Mtius) Ltd and UAFL.
We are the Correspondents of:

  • P & I (Protection & Indemnity) Clubs
  • Lloyds
  • Bureau Veritas

Base Operations and Activities
Our base of operation includes the port area, the container freight terminals, the airport and also the consignees' and shippers' premises.
Our survey activities consist of assessing loss and damage to goods in transit, of establishing the amount and condition of goods discharged from and loaded on board carrying vessels. The survey reports therefore contain all pertinent elements and data necessary to assist those concerned to situate their responsibility and/or liability, if any, with regard to damage, loss, shortage, and the circumstances in which it occured or may have occured.

We inspect vessels for cleanliness and suitability prior to loading sugar and molasses. We regulary carry out surveys and certify the tonnages
of bulk cargoes such as cement, fertilizer, edible oils, bitumen, etc.. unloaded from vessels calling at Port-Louis.

We also carry out surveys on board LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) vessels calling in Port-Louis to determine the amount of LPG received by our
Principals - The State Trading Corporation (S.T.C) of Mauritius.

We are also called upon to suevey and make recommendations following damage to shops and other floating crafts.

What is the company's business hours?
Since the port operates 24/7, 365 days a year, the surveyors of Marine General Serveillance Ltd & work according to the arrival/departure dates & times of the ships for which work has to be completed.

The administrative office is opened:

  • Monday - Friday during normal business hours (9:AM - 5:00PM), closed on Weekends, and Public Holidays. For the dates that are public holidays in Mauritius, you can obtain this information by accessing the Web Calendar from the home page.
  • Note: Work will be performed if a ship is in port and it falls on a Public Holiday

How can I contact somebody from Marine General Serveillance Ltd to obtain specific information or quotations?
Our telephone number is: +230 2167543 or 2167544
Our fax number is: +230 2167542.
Contact us via Somebody will get in touch with you as soon as possible. Make sure to leave a telephone number when you fill in your comments/questions.

General Section

Where is Mauritius Located?
The country of Mauritius is in the Africa continent and the latitude and longitude for the country are 20.1625° S, 58.2903° E.

Is the Port ISPS (International Ship and Port Facility Security) Compliant?
Yes, the SOLAS amendment convention of (1974/1988) requires minimum security arrangements for ships, ports, and governments agencies. Port Louis port operates at Security Level 1 in normal situations. Ships are required to upgrade their security levels as set by the Contracting Government whenever the situation warrants it..

What are the procedures followed prior to entering or leaving the Port Louis port waters?
The agent / master / owner of the vessel has to submit an arrival notice within 48 hours prior of arrival to the Port Master and to the Operations and Commercial Manager. For vessel departing from a port with less than 24 hours steaming time, notification to be sent as soon as vessel leaves the departure port..

Is Towage and Pilotage available within the Port Area?
Yes, however, both Towage and Pilotage is provided by the Mauritius Port Agency (MPA).

Are there any berthing restrictions for vessels carrying dangerous/hazardous cargo?
Yes, if a vessel is carrying highly inflammable product in bulk and has to use any of the following terminals: I, II, III, then berthing is only allowed during daylight hours. If, however, the same vessel is berthing at theOil Jetty, then there are no berthing restrictions.